Waco: The Aftermath Cast: Where You've Seen The Actors Before (2024)

Waco: The Aftermath Cast: Where You've Seen The Actors Before (1)

With this year being the 30th anniversary of the federal government’s notorious 1993 raid of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas, there are a great number of news specials, documentaries, books, and shows coming out about the event that would have a massive impact on the remaining years of the 20th Century, and beyond. One of those shows, Waco: The Aftermath, covers the story from a different angle, showing what happened in the weeks, months, and years after David Koresh, many of his followers, and several federal agents were killed during the 51-day siege.

Picking up where the 2018 Paramount Network original, Waco, left off, the new companion series, which is now streaming on Showtime before making its TV debut, features several returning stars, in addition to a group of new additions portraying some of the most consequential figures in the incident’s fallout. Here is where you’ve seen the Waco: The Aftermath cast before.

Waco: The Aftermath Cast: Where You've Seen The Actors Before (2)

Michael Shannon (Gary Noesner)

At the top of the Waco: The Aftermath cast is Michael Shannon, who reprises his role of FBI hostage negotiator Gary Noesner. Only this time instead of trying to be the voice of reason in the 51-day standoff, Noesner finds himself trying to navigate the fallout of the infamous incident.

One of the most prominent names on the list of actors who surprisingly don’t have an Oscar, Shannon has given commanding performances in movies like Nocturnal Animals, Revolutionary Road, The Shape of Water, Take Shelter, and countless others. Fans of superhero movies will also recognize Shannon from his portrayal of General Zod in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.

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John Leguizamo (Jacob Vasquez)

John Leguizamo is another member of the cast who appeared on the original 2018 series. The veteran actor returns as Jacob Vasquez, the undercover ATF agent who worked to gain the trust of the Branch Davidians prior to the raid.

Throughout his career, Leguizamo has landed a variety of roles in movies like Super Mario Bros., To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar, Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge!, the Ice Age animated movies, and countless others. More recently, he’s popped up in the John Wick franchise, Violent Night, and The Menu.

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Giovanni Ribisi (Dan Cogdell)

Giovanni Ribisi shows up on Waco: The Aftermath as Dan Cogdell, the defense attorney tasked with representing the surviving Branch Davidians in the months following the 1993 raid on their compound.


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With memorable performances in That Thing You Do!, Saving Private Ryan, Boiler Room, Lost in Translation, and Avatar, Ribisi has done just about everything on the big screen. He has also appeared on TV shows like My Name is Earl, Sneaky Pete, The Wonder Years, and Friends, on which he portrayed Phoebe’s half-brother, Frank.

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Shea Whigham (Mitch Decker)

Shea Whigham appears in the limited series, once again playing FBI agent Mitch Decker.

Whigham, who will be in the upcoming Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, has been all over the place throughout his career, appearing in movies like Wristcutters: A Love Story, Take Shelter, First Man, Bad Times at the El Royale, Joker, and various entries in the Fast and Furious franchise. His TV work includes Boardwalk Empire, True Detective, Narcos, and Perry Mason.

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David Costabile (Judge Smith)

David Costabile portrays Judge Smith, who oversees the trails of the surviving Branch Davidians on Waco: The Aftermath.

If Costabile looks familiar, it could have something to do with his appearances on shows like Flight of the Conchords, Breaking Bad, Billions, and the fifth and final season of The Wire, on which he played Baltimore Sun managing editor Thomas Klebanow. His notable film appearances include Lincoln, Side Effects, and The Post.

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J. Smith Cameron (Lois Roden)

J. Smith Cameron stars in the series as Lois Roden, the one-time leader of the Branch Davidians.

Probably best known for her portrayal of Gerri Kellman on the HBO smash-hit drama series Succession, Cameron has had a long career on the small screen, with appearances on shows like Rectify, True Blood, Law & Order, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Spin City, and several others. Her film credits include Vengeance, The First Wives Club, Harriet the Spy, and The Rage: Carrie 2, to name a few.

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John Hoogenakker (Clive Doyle)

John Hoogernakker pops up on Waco: The Aftermath as Clive Doyle, one of David Koresh’s first followers after he took the reins of the Branch Davidians.

Fans of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan will surely recognize Hoogenakker from his portrayal of Matice during the Amazon original series’ first two seasons. His other notable TV appearances include the Dopesick cast, Castle Rock, Chicago Fire, and Boss. He has also appeared in movies like Flags of Our Fathers, Public Enemies, and Consumed.

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Keean Johnson (Vernon Howell)

Keean Johnson appears in the Waco: The Aftermath cast as Vernon Howell, the man who would go on to become known as David Koresh.

Everyone who has watched the HBO drama series Euphoria will remember Johnson from his portrayal of Daniel during the show’s first season. His other TV credits include the likes of The Fosters, Nashville, and Spooksville. Johnson has also popped up in movies like Alita: Battle Angel, Midway, and a few others.

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Michael Luwoye (Livingstone fa*gan)

Michael Luwoye takes on the role of Livingstone fa*gan, one of the Branch Davidians on trial on Waco: The Aftermath.

Perhaps best known for his portrayal of Alexander Hamilton during the 2017 Hamilton national tour, as well as its 2018 Broadway run, Luwoye has appeared in productions of Tick, Tick… Boom!, Othello, Moby Dick, and countless others. His TV work includes shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Magicians, and The Lion Guard.

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Alex Breaux (Timothy McVeigh)

And then there is Alex Breaux, who portrays Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh on Waco: The Aftermath.

Prior to landing the role of the domestic terrorist planning the April 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Breaux appeared on shows like Blue Bloods, When They See Us, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Blacklist, and more.

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Waco: The Aftermath is currently streaming on Showtime as well as for anyone with a Paramount+ subscription with the Showtime add-on, and will make its on-air debut Sunday, April 16th. If you want to know what else is coming to your favorite channels and streaming services, check out our 2023 TV schedule for all the latest.

Stream Waco: The Aftermath on Paramount+ with Showtime.
Stream Waco: The Aftermath on Showtime.

Waco: The Aftermath Cast: Where You've Seen The Actors Before (12)

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Waco: The Aftermath Cast: Where You've Seen The Actors Before (2024)
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