Tomodachi Life Q R Codes (2024)

Nintendo's Tomodachi Life is sort of like Animal Crossing with one major exception: you create the island's inhabitants. On the downside, this will take a lot of time. Conversely, you can come up with plenty of imaginative designs and live with virtually anyone, from 50 Cent to George Washington.

Thankfully, Nintendo wants to help you grow the community a bit faster with the following QR codes for five celebrities. Soon, you'll party with the likes of Shaun White, Shaquille O'Neal and even Christina Aguilera. All you have to do is visit the game’s Town Hall, select QR Code and then scan QR code below.

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Shaquille O’Neal

You know and love Shaq from his NBA days (four-time champ with the Lakers and Heat) and commentator on NBA on TNT. If you have his rap album, you earn bonus points.

Christina Aguilera

  1. Here are most of my qr codes, sorry if two of the same miis play twice, editing got confusing. Part two will be coming!
  2. Featured: Pekoe Tomodachi Life QR Code. DrizzleDaydream 6 Deviations Featured: Grumpy Cat QR Code. Aeonterbor 4 Deviations Featured: Tomodachi Life: Fred Rodgers.

This Mickey Mouse Club alum rose in popularity, thanks to such musical hits as Genie in a Bottle and Feel this Moment.

Shaun White

The Flying Tomato cut his hair, but this gold-medal winner is a fine addition to your town.

Debby Ryan

This charming singer, songwriter and actress does it all, from Disney shows to charitable contributions. She'll help your town become a better place.


We still think the beautiful Zendaya was robbed on Dancing with the Stars. That aside, the Disney Channel star will brighten up your island.

The following QR codes can be scanned to give you many of the Miis that reside on my Wolf Bobs Island in Tomodachi Life. To scan them, go to town hall in your Tomodachi Life game and choose the 'QR Code' option. Choose 'Scan QR Code' and then hold your 3DS or 2DS up to your computer monitor (or tablet or phone) so that the QR code shown lines up with the dotted outline shown on your 3DS. Here is my list, in alphabetical order.


Tomodachi Life Qr Codes Nintendo Characters

Ann Veal (from Arrested Development):

Tomodachi Life Q R Codes (1)

Anna Crossing (daughter of Villager and Stella):

Annyong / Hel-loh Bluth (from Arrested Development):

Baker Mayfield (NFL player--QB of the Cleveland Browns):

Batman / Bruce Wayne:

Bert (from Sesame Street):

Blake (son of Mr. Bean and Squishy):

Bobby Hill (from King of the Hill):


Buster Bluth (from Arrested Development):

Charlie Brown (from Peanuts):

Tomodachi Life Q R Codes (2)

Conan O'Brien:

Count Von Count (from Sesame Street):

Darth Vader (from Star Wars):

Elly / Elhaym Van Houten (from Xenogears):

Emily (daughter of Popeye the Sailor Man and Lucille 2):

Gavin (son of Conan and Maeby):

Tomodachi Life Qr Codes Disney

George Bluth Sr. (from Arrested Development):

GOB (from Arrested Development):

Hailey (daughter of George Sr. and TZ):

Inkling Girl (from Splatoon):

Inigo Montoya (from The Princess Bride):

Kevin Love (NBA player for Cleveland Cavaliers):

Lindsay Funke (from Arrested Development):

Lucille 2 Austero (from Arrested Development):

Madeline (daughter of The Count and Velma):

Madison (daughter of Darth Vader and Peach):

Maeby Funke (from Arrested Development):

Marina (from Splatoon 2):

Miss Piggy (from The Muppets):

Mr. Bean:

Mr. Saturn (from Earthbound / Mother):

Pauline (from Donkey Kong and Super Mario Odyssey):

Popeye the Sailor Man:

Rosalina (from Super Mario Galaxy):

Ryder (son of Shaq and Lindsay):


Snoopy (from Peanuts):


Stella Crossing (daughter of Breezy and Gaston):

Tomodachi Life Q R Codes (3)

The Swedish Chef (from The Muppets):

Tobias Funke (from Arrested Development):

TZ (Danielle Toon Zelda):

Velma Dinkley (from Scooby-Doo):

Villager (from Animal Crossing and Smash Bros. 4):

'Weird Al' Yankovic:

Xavier (son of Zoidberg & Miss Piggy):

Yukon Cornelius (from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer):

Zoidberg (from Futurama):

For the favorite & worst foods of the Mii islanders above, see my page of special reaction foods.

Tomodachi Life Qr Codes Pokemon

Some of the Miis on Wolf Bobs Island were created by others. Here are links to them:

Breezy and Gaston: From Breezycrossing on Tumblr
Shaq (Shaquille O'Neal): Originally from the official Tomodachi Life site, now available here.
Mario, Luigi, and Peach: From Crystal Dreams

Be sure to check out my Tomodachi Life Blog to follow my ongoing adventures in the game or read my review of the game. I also maintain lists of kids born on my island and items in my collection.

Thanks for stopping by!
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Tomodachi Life Q R Codes (2024)
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