Classic Wedge Salad Recipe (2024)

Serve a classic simple wedge salad recipe on The Big Board (charcuterie board) with your favorite toppings. Add breadsticks to the spread.

Classic Wedge Salad Recipe (1)

This refreshing and Classic Wedge Salad Recipe is served cold with a creamy blue cheese dressing, bacon crumbles, diced tomato and more. The beauty of a salad board is that it makes a beautiful side dish spread. It can even be served for a luncheon.

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Classic Wedge Salad Recipe

This salad spread is delicious served any time of year, but especially for spring and summer parties. Everyone LOVES a wedge!

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Serve a wedge salad spread on The Big Board

We love to serve it for a crowd on The Big Board. We have 7 epic sizes, and the round and the rectangle boards work beautifully for this spread. Grab your Big Board and get started!

We love the round board, but check out this Easter Wedge Salad Board on the 12×24″ board. Arrange it in rows–brilliant!

Set it out, they will come! :)

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What is a wedge salad made of?

The main ingredient of a wedge salad is a head of iceberg lettuce, usually cut into quarters. But depending on how many you are feeding, you can cut one head into 6 pieces.

A wedge is usually topped with blue cheese dressing, crispy bacon, and blue cheese crumbles. But of course we love to add other toppings.

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Ingredients for a classic wedge salad

  • Lettuce: Crisp, refreshing iceberg lettuce is the key to the best wedge salad
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Red onion
  • Kalamata olives
  • Cooked crumbled bacon
  • Blue cheese crumbles (we love Rogue Creamery’s Oregon Blue)
  • Cucumber slices
  • Radish slices
  • Bleu cheese dressing
  • Fresh chives, finely diced
  • Classic breadsticks (we bought these at Newport Avenue Market in Bend, OR)
  • Fresh parsely for garnish
  • Fresh cracked pepper

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For us, it’s all about the blue cheese. Living in Oregon, we love Rogue Creamery, and their award winning blue cheese. You can buy a pound of their Oregon Blue (afflink), and I promise–it’s the best.

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How do you wash lettuce for wedge salad?

If you want to wash each head of lettuce, first remove any brown or wilted leaves.

Next, cut it into 4 equal wedges top to bottom with the core intact.

Rinse and pat dry each wedge with a paper towel.

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Why we love a wedge salad board

You may have already tried my Shrimp Wedge Salad Charcuterie Board or Apple Wedge Salad Board Recipe.

I love this Epic Bacon Wedge Salad Board for bridal and baby shower spreads, because it’s served with hot rolls. Oh, and here’s a new spin: A Mexican Wedge Salad to try!

I love how easy it is to serve a wedge board. You can also prepare the toppings in advance, and keep in the fridge. This makes for easy assemblying right before you are ready to serve it.

This is the perfect salad side dish to pair with any of your favorite meals!

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What dressing do you use?

Traditionally a wedge salad is made with a blue cheese dressing. Although, you can always serve it with your favorite dressing if you’re not a lover of blue cheese. For the Easter board, we made our homemade Best Thousand Island Dressing.

Some other options include: Ranch, Caesar, or Green Goddess dressing.

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How do you eat a wedge salad?

Finally, we love to serve a wedge salad spread on The Big Board. For this recipe we used the 20-inch round board, but our most popular board is the 26-inch. This size is perfect for a crowd.

Classic Wedge Salad Recipe (10)

Walk through the door with this Wedge Salad spread, and watch the look on your guests’ faces! Everyone loves a wedge!

What’s your favorite spin on a wedge salad?

Classic Wedge Salad Recipe (11)

The Big Board®

Friends,The Big Board®is here! Yes, I’ve partnered with JK Adams, the premier woodmaking company in Vermont, with my own line of RE boards!

  • 20-inch round, maple
  • 26-inch round, maple
  • 12 x 36-inch maple
  • 12 x 24-inch maple
  • NEW 12×24” travel board
  • 26-inch ebonized BLACK, cherry
  • 12 x 36-inch ebonized BLACK, cherry
  • A board with a lip (or raised edged) so the food doesn’t fall off
  • Made in the USA
  • Undercut handles (a unique design)

Thank you for your support, as we’ve sold out so many times already!

Order The Big Board®today!

Classic Wedge Salad Recipe (12)

Classic Wedge Salad Recipe (13)

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Get the Recipe:

Classic Wedge Salad Recipe

Made on 20-inch The Big Board

Prep Time: 2 minutes mins

Yield: 12

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  • 3 large heads iceberg lettuce, cut into quarters
  • 1-2 cups cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1-2 cups red onion, chopped
  • 1 cup Kalamata olives, chopped
  • 1-2 cups blue cheese, we love Rogue Creamery's Oregon Blue
  • Cucumber slices
  • Radish slices
  • 1-2 cups Blue cheese dressing
  • 1 cup fresh chives, finely diced
  • Fresh parsley, garnish
  • 1-2 packages of classic breadsticks
  • Fresh cracked pepper


  • Trim out the core from the bottom stem of the iceberg lettuce and discard. Quarter the head and set aside.

  • Chop the remaining ingredients and fill small bowls; arrange on a board.

  • Fan out the radishes and cucumbers.

  • Fill a low-line wide drinking glass with bread sticks. Place in the center of the board.

To made a wedge salad:

  • Assemble by placing a quarter of the lettuce head on a plate, adding the dressing, then adding the toppings. End with fresh cracked pepper and fresh chives.

Cuisine: American

Course: Salad

Author: Sandy / Reluctant Entertainer

Did you make this recipe?Tag @reluctantentertainer on Instagram and hashtag it #reluctantentertainer!

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Classic Wedge Salad Recipe (2024)
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